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    Enterprise communication expert connection changes everything

    Enterprise communication expert, connection changes everything

    Products and services

    Intelligent cloud platform all media integrated communication it integrated enterprise
  • Telecommunication service

    Telecommunication business

    Voice service

    Fixed telephone service 400, 800 telephone service Domestic
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    Internet business

    DC, IDC business Broadband services
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    Dedicated service

    MPLS-VPN Ethernet dedicated line MSTP
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  • value-added service

    Value-added service

    Telecom value-added services

    Voice verification code Call Center
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    System integration business

    Integrated wiring network system Security Monitoring
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    Consulting design

    System integration maintenance IDC Design Consulting
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  • SD Wan business

    By separating the network hardware from its control mechanism
    To simplify WAN Management and operation

  • Brush face payment

    Brush face payment will be a new offline payment outlet period
    From digital recognition to biometric recognition is the general trend

  • Solution

    Provide customers with personalized and cost-effective enterprise communication solutions and diversified enterprise communication services suitable for global business needs

    About us

    Shanghai Youxun Industry Co., Ltd

    Shanghai Youxun Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996.

    With the gradual opening of the communication market, China's communication market has entered an era of hundred schools of thought with three state-owned telecommunication companies as the main part, private secondary telecommunication operators and foreign telecommunication operators as the auxiliary

    We have determined the development idea of personalized operation. In the past 20 years, Youxun network has been focusing on communication solutions, making use of its resources, technical advantages and professional knowledge of communication business to customize communication solutions for enterprises.


    The company was founded in


    Successful cases of cooperation


    Number of core members

    Brand customers

    The customer base covers finance, manufacturing, chain circulation, commercial real estate and other industries

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